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GATE Community Announcement – GATE Staking and Trading Venues

1 April 2021 by In News

GATE Community!  Following our announcement on Friday we have further details from Mine Digital regarding the dates for the go-live of staking (House of HODL) and trading (MineTrade). 

We are pleased to confirm that the estimated go-live date for staking (House of HODL) is 14 April.  We are working with the Community Council to set GATE Loyalty Rewards (referred to in Part F of the GATENet Whitepaper) ready for when the House of HODL opens and staking commences. 

The go-live date for trading (MineTrade) has yet to be confirmed.  Mine Digital have confirmed to us that they are going to push for trading to commence on 14 April also.  Further details to be provided as soon as we have them.

We are excited to confirm that we are also in discussion with Liquid to list GATE on Liquid and following feedback from the Community Council we are going to pursue listing of GATE on Uniswap also.  We will keep you updated as to our progress of both of these initiatives over the coming days.